zermelo fraenkel LTD

We build high quality software.

What we offer

We design, build, and maintain fast, secure, well-tested, and highly usable web applications meant to be used by humans. We pay special attention to usability. We care about creating software that does not get in the way but enables users to interact with it as fast as they need to, in order to get what they need.

We are highly experienced with cloud infrastructure. We figure out simple architectures among complex ones with the goal of making it easy to maintain as close to 100% uptime as possible.

We are especially experienced with the Python language and the wider Python ecosystem including technologies such as Django, Flask, FastAPI along with data engineering tools such as Apache Airflow, Apache Kafka and of course PostgreSQL.

Our approach


Zermelo Fraenkel LTD is currently one person. Theodore Keloglou has a decade of professional experience working with tech startups ranging between 3 and 1000 employees. Read more about his experience on his LinkedIn page.

Hire us

We charge £650 + VAT 20% per day per engineer. We do not accept payment unless clients are 100% satisfied with each day’s work.